Re: good ssh clients that work with jfw

Steve Matzura

PowerShell is   at its barest essentials a more powerful  and fancy command prompt, or command-line interface (CLI)  for Windows. It has a very enhanced/advanced  script language, but looks a lot like the old command-prompt DOS-box window from windows 7 and before. If you're into batch programming, you'll love PowerShell  and the things it can access and do.

On 7/28/2018 4:35 PM, wrote:
Rick Ely here. Now to be honest, I have no idea what to do when Power Shell is open, but to open it:
Go the start menu, open search and start typing in PowerShell. It will appear as PowerShell desktop app. Press enter and you will have entered the area known as beyond my pay grade. Good luck and I mean that.
Be well

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how do i open a powershell window

On 7/28/18, Andre Polykanine <> wrote:
Hello Jed,
If you use Windows 10 latest, I'd suggest native openSSH client. Just
open a Powershell window, type in ssh root@your.server.ip - and you're
all set. At least, here it is like this.

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Subject: good ssh clients that work with jfw

Hey guys,
Any good ideas on good accessible ssh clients that work with jfw? I
need to ssh into a linux box.


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