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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, David. It's just Google giving you more choices. By default, Google
searches in "All" categories. If you choose one of the links below "All" it
will narrow the search to only search within the selected categories.

The categories include:

heading level 1 Search Modes
Link News
Link Shopping
Link Videos
Link Books

Under the "More" menu is included:


To select the "More" menu, you must press the Space Bar on the "More"

You won't find these Search modes headers on other Internet search
providers, and you will only find these Google headers once your search has
been completed, not before you input your search.

Bill White

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Subject: Jaws question

Hello all:

Recently, I've noticed Jaws saying "search Modes" whenever I do an Internet
search for something. This announcement is fairly new, and I don't remember

hearing this phrase announced before.

Has some setting been inadvertently changed(either Jaws, or pc), and if
yes, is it OK to leave this alone?

Sincerely yours,

David S. Pearson

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