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           I don't doubt that it does.  What I'm trying to figure out is how to get the cart page to "distill" the list of items in the cart down.  I can get this stuff to read, but in a way that's so long and convoluted that it makes one wish to slash one's wrists.

           I do think William Vandervest's solution about navigating by graphic just to hear what's in the cart would fill the bill for a quick review.

           With regard to the Delete function being a button, not a link, it's sort of a "reverse accessibility" issue.  I base what I tell my clients on what is presented visually, and it is a big no-no to present one object type in the guise of another.  The Delete function is visually presented as a link, so that's what I thought it was.  Now that I know it's a button that makes life far easier and it will make me check for this sort of nonsense in the future.  I'd like to throttle the designer of that webpage as it violates every rule of standard presentation to do what they did.

            By the way, I'm using Firefox with this client, as it's his preferred browser (and one of mine, Chrome being the other - I haven't touched IE in years and won't unless forced and Edge remains "not ready for prime time" in my opinion)

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