Re: Insert-shift-r not reading entire row in Excel

Ann Byrne

When I wrote FS about this, they said it would be fixed in the January release of JAWS 13.
t 08:41 PM 1/2/2012, you wrote:


I may have missed the email that answered this, so can someone let me know
what was the resolution. I tried this insert+shift+r in excel 2010 with JAWS
12 all JAWS said was the first cell.. I could arrow to the right and JAWS
would announce the cell location first and then the contents. But it would
go no further then the cells that had contents. It never said anything
automatically except the first cell.


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On my computer, in JAWS 13.0.638 insert-shift-r no longer reads the whole
row in a spread sheet unless all the cells are filled in. If there are
blank cells in the row, Jaws reads the first populated cell and not the
rest. This was true in JAWS 13.0.527 as well. JAWS 12 does a great job,

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