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Kimber Gardner

Hmm, good to know it isn’t just me. I’m thinking of going back to an older version of firefox and jaws because this is really annoying.

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Quite noticeable with JFW 2018 and Firefox. I'll either get thrown to the taskbar (almost always with the "see more stories" link in FB mobile) or I have to tab first to make sure focus is on the right link first. Another issue I have is with The Old Reader. If I'm in a particular feed and have clicked on an entry/header to expand it and then wish to click on another separate heading/entry, Jaws just wont' do it. No matter what I try. VFO has told me that they can't do anything about this since it's a paid site and to provide an example where they can access it as well...
Links have been funky in general ever since JFW 2018 though. Not just this most recent update for me at least. The Old reader thing only started showing up with Firefox 60.x.

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Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone else has had trouble activating links in the most recent release of firefox. I'm using it with version 2018 of jaws. When it first happened I thought it was just a poorly designed web site. But when it continued on sites I know are usually fine I began to wonder about the cause. Is it jaws? Is it firefox? Is it the two together?

Has anyone else seen this behavior?



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