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Hello All,

        During a session today I encountered something I've never encountered before with JAWS:  An inaccessible link that's clearly visible to me.   In addition I could not find a workaround that allowed for what I consider a reasonable way to hear the list of what's in your cart.

         I would have expected that the item links that show up in the cart would have been implemented as headings, much like the item links are all headings at level 2 on the search results page.  They don't show up in the headings list, though.  The closest I can get to the items list is to go to the Shopping Cart heading and start reading from there.  For each item in the cart there exists a "Delete" link which allows you to do exactly what it says.  Almost anyone has occasional need or desire to nuke an item or items from their cart, but I can find absolutely no way to access these Delete links for each item.  They do not show up even in the list of links for the page.  In playing with this same page with NVDA the results are the same when I look at either a list of the headings or links.  What's interesting though is if I change the element being looked at to "Form Fields" these delete links show up in that list.  If these things are form fields then they're the best disguised form fields I've ever seen.  They are visually presented as links and I'd expect they'd be in a list of links, not form fields.  They also show up in NVDA's list of Buttons, and they certainly are not presented as buttons.  I've done the NVDA experimentation this evening, at my leisure, so I had no idea about this when I first encountered it.  It still seems utterly bizarre.

         What, if anything, am I doing wrong here?

         It's also interesting to see how Amazon went overboard with alternate text for item images.  When you get JAWS to begin reading the cart in its long and meandering way the full item name is always presented twice since the alternate text for the item image is a word for word copy of the click-through text used for the item link itself.  It makes the whole process of even trying to review one's cart incredibly tedious.  I notice that when JAWS is being used there is a link that shows up for Disability Support (or a very similar phrase) and I can't seem to find that using NVDA, but I could also be on a different version of the cart page than I was looking at earlier today.

          If anyone knows "the collection of slick tricks" for efficiently interacting with the Amazon Cart page I'd love to hear them.

Brian - Windows 10 Home, 64-Bit, Version 1803, Build 17134  

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