Jaws Stops Speaking by Word and Letter

Randy Meyer

Recently, I have had Jaws stop speaking by word or letter when using the control arrow and arrow.  This has happened in MS word and outlook when composing an email.  Even when arrowing up and down Jaws speaks sparingly.


Does anyone know what could be causing this?  I am using the latest Jaws 2018 and office 365.


NVDA reads these documents correctly.


Randy Meyer


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Subject: Windows 10 notifications not dismissing


Hi listers:


Recently, I’ve been getting Windows 10 notifications from Mail and other thigs which, when I press the dismiss notification button, seem to still be there.


Not sure if they disappear from the screen, but, to JAWS, they seem to be there and I have found no way to get rid of them, other than to turn off notifications.


I usually hear them again after exiting some other program and focus seems to go to the notification.  There is nothing I can do, other then reboot or sign out and back in to get rid of the notification. When the buttons are there, they seem to do almost nothing.


Any thoughts?



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