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Well why don't you tell us all who tried to help what the fix was, please

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problem all fixed, working awesome now.

On 7/22/18, John Covici <covici@...> wrote:
I had problems like this and had to call Microsoft to fix the license.

On Sun, 22 Jul 2018 10:36:18 -0400,
Jed Barton wrote:

Hey guys,

OK, on this new laptop o just installed office 365. So i got it
installed and am trying to open a word doc. Jaws 2018 doesn't appear
to be too happy. So i opened the file, it kept saying office
unlicensed product, and wanted my email, that i use for my account.
It didn't ask me for a password.
So then after several re-focuses i was able to focus on the document.
It seems to be skipping over lines, and keeps saying unlicensed
product. Any ideas?

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