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On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 10:42 AM, Cristóbal wrote:
The point to a password manager is that you don’t’ have to even try to remember all your passwords, but rather one master password.
True, but for myself I still do not use the "Generate a random password for me" feature of Password Safe, and most other password managers have that function, too.  I actually use what I call the "Portmanteau Method," which is a slightly more elaborate variant on what Angel suggested.  I have a set prefix and suffix that I use surrounding something I am likely to remember for the site in question.  Since I occasionally don't remember, or forget whether I capitalized or not (and where), I always enter my self-generated passwords into Password Safe so I can verify them if I forget them.

I am also a contrarian when it comes to passwords in general.  Although I now have different ones for the vast majority of websites since I've been converting to the portmanteau password formula over the last several years, for many decades I had 5 passwords that I used exclusively.  If I somehow forgot which one I'd used I could keep guessing and typically be within the number of attempts you get to make before an account is locked.  

The real problem with password security is not having too few, or using one, but that people write them down and/or share them and the second you record them in a manner that is insecure your risk shoots up and if you share your password and don't change it then it shoots up even more.  I have 2 passwords I've been using since the and I've never told anyone either one of them.  None of the accounts I've used them on have ever been compromised, either.

The nice thing is that many password managers, in addition to having password generation, also have automatic fill-in if you supply the site as part of the data you enter.  You can then use a keyboard sequence to say, take me to the website and enter the username and password of record for that site.  Depending on how the site works this is not always 100% successful (think pop-up dialogs) but for conventional edit boxes it's mighty darned close.

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