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Hi Joni,

Here we go! These steps will work.

1. Press Insert / Jaws key + 6, on the number row to open the Settings
Center, & press control, shift, + D, for the Settings Center Default All

2. Arrow down to keyboard & open it with the right arrow key.

3. Arrow down to manage key lables & open it by pressing the spacebar.

4. press the letter t, & you will land on tab, This is a toggle so, press
the space bar to mute it.

5. Tab to okaypress the spacebar, tab to apply, press the spacebar, tab to
okay, & press the spacebar.

That's it! Hope this helped. Take care.

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Subject: Silence the tab key in JAWS 12

Someone asked me how to silence the tab key in JAWS 12 and I have no
idea how to do that. I noticed it is only spoken when screen echo is
than none. I usually have that set to none, but apparently this person
a different setting.

I looked in the Settings Center but did not find a way to silence a key,
although I am certain it is there somewhere. Thanks.


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