Re: accessibil password generators

Nino Dagostino

Thank you for sharing that it sounds like a good way.


Have a good day.




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Another suggestion, which has worked for me over the years, regarding pass words.  It is particularly useful, as older people using these pass word generators might suffer memory problems, as does my elder sister.  Who now has to have her son assist her with the simplest of  being able to access sites.  Which require the use of pass words.  I use a single pass word for all my accessing.  With different prefixes or suffixes.  Particular to the site which I wish to access.  So, should one discover my pass word, it would be most difficult to determine the individual prefix or suffix I have chosen for that site.  If this list required a pass word, for example, I might use my individual pass word, plus the suffix MJfwDS.  The first part being the initials of the list itself, the DS being the initials of the first owner of the officially endorsed list by Freedom Scientific, Debbie Scales.  Who would figure that one out?  Yet, it would be something I would easily remember.  As Debbie Scales performed, for we blind Jaws users, such a fine service.  Seeking and discovering all sorts of free to use programs.  Which were accessible for us blind individuals to utilize.  To make our lives easier.  So we wouldn't have to find them ourselves. 

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Subject: Re: accessibil password generators


I use 1Password to handle all of my password needs. Completely Jaws accessible.



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Subject: accessibil password generators




Does anybody know of any accessibil password generators?


I am terrible trying to come up with a good password.


Thanks a lot in advance.



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