Re: a strange problem when trying to play all files from a folder.

Dave Durber

Hello JIM:
I have had this problem myself from time to time. As with many strange things when dealing with Microsoft and their Windows operating systems, there are no logical reasons why functions will not work when you want and expect them to do so.
To avoid this situation, I navigate to and highlight the folder containing the MP3 files I wish to play using Winamp. I press ALT+A, to open the file menue, then press P, to highlight "Play in Winamp". I press ALT+F, to open the File Menue, then I press the letter P, to highlight "Play in Winamp", then I press ENTER. This runs Winamp and the files contained in the folder I highlighted are played, including MP3 files stored in subfolders under the highlighted folder.
If you have Windows Media Player installed as well as Winamp, you may need to press the letter P more than once to get to this choice. Press ENTER. Winamp should run, and the MP3 files contained in that folder should play.
Dave Durber

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From: Jim Rawls
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2018 3:15 PM
Subject: a strange problem when trying to play all files from a folder.

Hi all,

Since I got a message that my address was bouncing, I thought I had post this message again.

When I hit Control A that should select all messages in a folder. I have several songs in this folder, and up to yesterday, I could hit control A, and the songs would play, one after the other. Now, nothing happens. I am running windows ten, and jaws 18, and using win amp as my player. Any ideas on how to fix this? Jim

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