Re: Jaws 2018 with Ebay Auditory Captcha

Dave Durber

Try CTRL+ENTER, to try and activate the link.
Another thought, you may be activating the link but, instead of playing the audio, it is opening a web page on top of the existing web page. Unfortunately, this is becoming very common. The problem is, that JAWS, for the most part, cannot distinguish the new page, which is overlaying the original page.

Dave Durber
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Sent: Monday, July 16, 2018 5:10 PM
Subject: Jaws 2018 with Ebay Auditory Captcha

Ebay uses a numeric captcha for completing various types of transactions. There is a link for Listen to Numbers. I have clicked this link in every way I can think of and nothing plays. The Ebay directions say to check mute and volume of sound, but I know these are appropriate because I am playing Jaws through the same sound card. I have used enter, space, slash, route PC to Jaws and Jaws mouse click, and Insert f7 to activate the Listen to Numbers link and nothing works.

I hope someone can help! Thanks very much.

Terrie (Mary T.) Terlau



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