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Gudrun Brunot

Hi Christobal: Well, my gmail client is gmail, but I don't know how to creat
filters under that rather than under Outlook.


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I tried doing it from Outlook before, but I found that doing it directly
through Gmail is probably best. Especially if you’re accessing the account
from multiple devices.

That said, I still encounter issues where filtered mailing list emails are
still popping up in my inbox either directly without going to the mailing
list label/folder or showing up in my inbox after I delete them from my
mailing list label/folder. That’s probably a topic for another day though.

All in all though, this does the trick for me.

Don’t know your email provider, but I’m sure they all offer similar function
through their webinterface.

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Subject: Can't create filters

Subject says it all: no matter what I do, I can’t create filters. I have
Outlook 2010, Jaws 2018, Win7. I have some instructions, but they simply
don’t behave according to what I am supposed to encounter. What I’m trying
to do is create filters for all my list mail groups, so I don’t drown in
messages every day but can get to them when I am ready to partake of all the
wisdom from my fellow list members instead of when I’m frantically scouring
from a reply from a translation agency who just sent me an assignment and to
whom I’d sent an inquiry about a strange acronym or term…

Any help greatly appreciated.


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