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Hi Brian,


yep,  you’re right I’d be hard pushed to find something slower than my vista machine haha, its definitely well over due for replacing. Thanks for the info on SSD, I don’t plan on using the laptop for storage so I think I’ll end up going down the SSD route, since my desktop has a pretty big hard drive all my main stuff gets stored there. anyway, thanks for the help.





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          If your prior laptop dates from the Windows Vista era you could buy virtually any current laptop, even at the low end, and it will blow the doors off your current one, and at a far lower cost.

          Depending on how much data you keep on your machine, or wish to keep on the machine for immediate access, one of the things that will increase processing speed most radically is a solid state drive (SSD) as opposed to a HDD.  For those who don't want to purchase a dual drive system, as those are very expensive, I know many who will get a relatively small SSD and then routinely offload things like photos and/or music to an external backup HDD, as those are not accessed all that often and the speeds on a HDD for playing music is more than adequate.

           Any operating system is doing a lot of input-output on a constant basis to the drive on which it resides, which is why even in dual drive systems the SSD is always used as the drive on which the OS resides.

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