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Hi Brian,


Thanks for both the links, that was exactly the type of thing I was after. I tried both programs, they were both really good, but I liked the speccy one most as like you said it was easier to navigate. Anyways thanks for the help that’s given me all my specs , which gives me an idea of the kind of specs I’ll be aiming for in my new laptop.





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          Yes, depending on how much detail you want.   What I'd suggest you try is either Belarc Advisor, or Piriform's Speccy.  Belarc Advisor generates a report that is displayed in your default web browser and the data you want is near the beginning of the report.  I do not know, based on how complex the layout is, how accessible it will be.  Speccy allows you to save a plain text copy of its findings from its File Menu (ALT+F), Save as Text File (T).  If you want to look at one, here's one I just generated for my computer:

          Speccy will run under Vista, and I think Belarc does, too.


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