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I have a HP laptop, its got the separate numpad, but the cursor and home , end, page up, down etc. are slightly separated too which I really like. Actually I'm looking at picking up a new laptop since my current one is pretty old, in fact its still running vista, which is showing its age haha. it’s a little off topic , but I'd like to check the specs of my desktop against any new laptops I'm looking at since my desktop runs everything I need really well. Is there an easy way to check my desktop specs? Things like how much ram, what processer, the processer speed etc.?

Thanks in advance for any help


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Why focus on Del alone when there are many other very good laptops out there which have numeric pads.

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Just got off the phone with Dell and only one model of the 15.6 laptop has a separate number pad. If I remember correctly it is the 5000 series. Saw several models of the 15.6 laptop at Sams Club and Best buy and none had a number pad.

On 7/11/2018 11:21 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
I have an HP 15-ba011cy laptop with a 15" screen and it has a number
pad. I haven't seen any laptops with 15" or larger screens that don't
have a number pad in years.

I've just looked at the Dell website under laptops and even the lowest
end Inspiron 15 3000 devices all have number pads. If you start
pushing into the devices that are intentionally "thinnest and
lightest" in this class you will lose number pads, but why would one
do that unless "thinnest and lightest" is a really important feature to you?


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