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RAM is pretty price these days and I doubt for most average computer users there is any benefit in 32Gb of RAM. I have 16Gb in my Asus Zenbook and 1 of my HP EliteDesk mini PC’s and I notice very little difference to my other systems which all have 12Gb.

I feel that if the money is no issue 16Gb is better than 8Gb, but you gain a lot more if you invest the aditional cost for 32Gb and for I7 over I5 into a 256Gb SSD.





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Hi, if you're looking for a dell desktop system, might I suggest a quad coare i7 system with 32gb of ram.  For the laptop maybe the I 5 with 32 gb ram.  Check to see if a 1 tb hard drive comes with each, and don't forget about the cd rom drive at least one of them for the desktop and the laptop.This is probably the best that I can suggest for a system depending on how it is going to be used.

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