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I agree, my Asus Zenbook with 15 inch screen has a number pad and so does my very old Acer 15 inch laptop.

My suggestion is that you give preference to laptops with an SSD over a traditional hard drive since an SSD will give you a better performance boost than say going from an I5 to an I7 CPU, you would want at least 8Gb of RAM and I would look at either a current or previous generation I5 CPU, if you go with something that doesn’t have the latest it will probably be quite a bit cheaper.





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I have an HP 15-ba011cy laptop with a 15" screen and it has a number pad.  I haven't seen any laptops with 15" or larger screens that don't have a number pad in years.

I've just looked at the Dell website under laptops and even the lowest end Inspiron 15 3000 devices all have number pads.  If you start pushing into the devices that are intentionally "thinnest and lightest" in this class you will lose number pads, but why would one do that unless "thinnest and lightest" is a really important feature to you?


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