Re: purchasing computer questions

Dan Longmore

 HP has worked well for me as a desktop. Dell is a laptop. Depending on the application for this computer don’t skimp on the processor speed or memory. And video card is also helpful for jars. Microsoft word can be downloaded with subscription or activate the trial if it comes on the computer. Not sure the fee for that. 

From: <> on behalf of Steve <stever2525@...>
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 4:47:57 PM
Subject: purchasing computer questions

Hi everyone,


I haven't been computer shopping in 7 years, so feel lost with choices.

I will be teaching someone Jaws, but they first need a computer.

I am looking for a Dell computer, both desktop and laptop.

Top of the line isn't necessary but efficiency is.

I know some computers work better with Jaws than others. I would appreciate some guidance.

Also, now that Microsoft Word isn't on a disc, do you download it after purchase or can a computer already have it installed, as part of the package.

Thank you very much.



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