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I may not have answers to all your questions, but for one thing I don’t think you can hide that play video button.

Not sure about Windows Update in Action Centre, I wasn’t aware that it should be there and as far as I am concerned there is little reason for it to be there since it is easily accessed by pressing Windows Key+I for Settings, then the end button followed by enter which takes you straight there.

As for uninstalling included  Windows 10 apps, it is possible, but it is not easily done and according to the the article below not necessarily recommended. As the author pointed out, these apps take up so little space there really is no point and most likely they’ll be back after a major Windows update, but for more information read this article:


How to Uninstall Windows 10 Built-in Apps (and How to Reinstall Them)





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Subject: windows 10 pro questions


Hi. got a Toshiba satellite p6t, came with windows 7 64 bit pro, and got windows 10 64 bit pro, latest update. Need some information or some questions answered.


  1. Why do I not get the windows update in action centre?
  2. Why is the group edit and set windows to notify me of a download and then ask, says enabled, but not enabled.
  3. I cannot uninstall my universal apps, as don’t want groove music, alarms, and mail and calender. Don’t use them. But no uinstall, is there a way to do this.
  4. Also in the windows updates, get the play video button, and what’s new, how do I hide that.



Thanks for any help. Did try googling, but could not seem to find an answer.

Marvin from Adelaide, Australia.




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