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Adrian Spratt

An alternative to using an unfamiliar word processing program might be to
change all the file extensions with a single command. In DOS, it was
possible to change all filenames by typing

Ren [old filename] [new filename]

With this command, you could assign *.doc to include all filenames with that
extension and *.rtf to replace them all with just one operation.

Does anyone know if this command works in the "Run" command window?

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Does anyone use a free word processing program called Jarte? The features
sound like they will meet my needs, but I wonder how well it works with
JAWS. The website is:

I have a lot of Word 2000 documents with the doc extension and WordPad does
not open this type of document in Windows 7. I am trying to find an
alternative to Word since I may not need to buy that program unless my work
situation changes. In the meantime, I would like access to all my documents
without having to convert each one to rtf format to open them in WordPad on
my new Windows 7 computer. Thanks.


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