windows 10 pro questions

Marvin Hunkin <neilmarvin@...>

Hi. got a Toshiba satellite p6t, came with windows 7 64 bit pro, and got windows 10 64 bit pro, latest update. Need some information or some questions answered.


  1. Why do I not get the windows update in action centre?
  2. Why is the group edit and set windows to notify me of a download and then ask, says enabled, but not enabled.
  3. I cannot uninstall my universal apps, as don’t want groove music, alarms, and mail and calender. Don’t use them. But no uinstall, is there a way to do this.
  4. Also in the windows updates, get the play video button, and what’s new, how do I hide that.



Thanks for any help. Did try googling, but could not seem to find an answer.

Marvin from Adelaide, Australia.



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