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Dean Martineau <dean@...>

The page at clearly states that Jarte opens
.doc and .docx files. And that is the free version. The $19.95 version
does all that besides allowing for customizable keyboard shortcuts,
autocorrect and the storing of clipboard data between sessions.


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But it won't open word documents RJ
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Jarte works very well with JAWS. In fact, if all you want is a basic word
processing program, then Jarte works even better than MS Word. It is
optimized to work with screen readers, and its menus are simple and
straightforward, unlike the confusing ribbon menus in Word 2007 and
higher. It even has a built-in spell checker and allows you to save
templates. Really a great little word processor.


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Does anyone use a free word processing program called Jarte? The
features sound like they will meet my needs, but I wonder how well it
works with JAWS. The website is:

I have a lot of Word 2000 documents with the doc extension and WordPad
does not open this type of document in Windows 7. I am trying to find an
alternative to Word since I may not need to buy that program unless my
work situation changes. In the meantime, I would like access to all my
documents without having to convert each one to rtf format to open them
in WordPad on my new Windows 7 computer. Thanks.


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