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I was looking for this a bit ago for a student. Unfortunately, it seems this option is configured in the Windows registry.  I don’t feel comfortable giving instructions for accessing the registry but you can do a Google search for detailed instructions or ask Microsoft Accessibility to check it for you.






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Subject: Download Completion Notification Sound in Firefox And Internet Explorer


                              Hello, everyone.


First, before I say anything, I want to express my appreciation for this list, and for those who have been helping me with my latest internet browser issues.


I now have successfully gotten the download completion notification sound to work in Firefox 61.


However, I’m still having trouble getting it to work in internet explorer  11 here.


In IE, I have made sure that the “notify me when download is complete” option is checked.


However, in IE 11, when I go to accessibility, I can’t seem to find the needed option to turn download completion sounds on.


If someone can give me some additional instructions as to where to find this option and how to get there in IE 11, I’d appreciate that very much.


Thank you!


Tom Behler


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