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Hi Nino,


Interacting with this is some sort of try&fail&retry until it works. The good news is that Jaws seems to be able to hit all the controls of the interface. The bad news is that it cannot say what they are really doing. I did not find any other way than trying them one by one and attempting to guess what they really do.


For instance, when I right-click the “Backup and Sync from Google” icon of my systray, it opens some sort of dialog box in which the first element is said by Jaws to be “Settings button”. I press <enter> on it and it opens some sort of contextual menu in which each item is really “cryptic”.


I tried to validate the first item, it opened an “About” box. I closed this box by pressing the <escape> key.


I then tried the second item. It opened my preferred web browser on the Google Drive Help web page. The third item opened a “Send feedback” dialog box. Amazingly, the fourth item says what it does. When Jaws focusses on it, it says “Pause”. Press <enter> and come back to it, it will say “Resume”.


The fifth item is probably what you are looking for. When you press <enter> on it, it opens a dialog box. The first three elements of this box are said by Jaws as buttons. In fact, they reveal to be tabs.


On my computer, first tab was labeled “My laptop”, second “Google Drive” and third “Settings”. I did not deeply play with all the bells and whistles around this box but my main attention was on the ability to sync all or parts of my cloud space. I found what I needed in the “Google Drive” tab. The first element is a checkbox which is checked since I want to sync this computer with my could space. The next element is cryptic and I cannot figure out what it does since nothing seems to happen when I press it. The third element of the ”google drive” tab is a group of two radio buttons: one is for syncing the whole drive, and the second is to sync some folders only. If you check this second radio button, you will then find something to select the folders you want to sync by checking them, and those you do not want to sync by unchecking them.


So, after this exploratory trip into the “Backup and Sync from Google” user interface, I roughly figured out how to set it up for my convenience but I definitely had to guess a lot.


HTH a little bit. Have a nice day. Chris D


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Good morning:


Using Jaws how do you get to the google backu and sync settings.


I have tried several things.


Any help would be appreciated.



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