Re: Two Internet browser questions

Tom Behler

Thanks, Ashleigh.


I’ll definitely keep this very helpful e-mail for when I can get back to addressing the questions I initially raised.


Tom Behler



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     I think I can help with at least one of your questions. In IE, while using the download manager (CTRL j), one of the options is to alee you when a download complete. Make sure this is checked. In the advanced tab of Internet Options (alt t and up arrow once to get there before choosing the specified tab), there should be an option to “play sounds from web pages” or something similar. I think you’d also need this enabled. I’m not sure how to let you know when a download completes/play sounds in Firefox as I don’t use it … sorry about that! Back in IE, and in the options dialogue of the download manager, you can specify where you’d like your downloads to go. It’s actually one of the first options you find. After pressing CTRL j, you’ll be in the options and a brows button. Just press this and either type of otherwise find the folder you’d like your downloads to complete into. If you don’t know how to brows for your folder without typing it in, press shift tab after getting into the brows dialogue. Do this until you come to your tree view of folders. Tab once to what’s in the first folder you find. If you don’t like the location, press your backspace key until you get to your user folder. It can be a little tricky here, so make sure you’re on the user folder first. Then arrow to where you’d like your downloads to go. You can open this folder, but it’s very important to hit the “select folder” button still on the options page of IE’s download manager. Please ask the group if I’ve not gotten something right here—I’ve not used these options/changed them in a while.

Hope this helps, and have a nice day,

Ashleigh S. Piccinino (B. S. psychology)


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Hello, everyone.


Over the past day or so, I have been updating Firefox, and working with Internet Explorer 11 as my alternate internet browser.


So far, through all of this, things have been going relatively well, and I want to publicly thank Bill White, one of our list members, for all of his help.


I have two general  internet browser questions that, so far, I haven’t been able to resolve.


1.  Before I did all of this work, I used to get a sound in both Firefox and Internet Explorer when a file download was complete.  I no longer get that sound, and wonder how to get it back.




2.  How can I change my destination folder in Internet Explorer so that all downloads are saved in  a folder location that I prefer.  I’ve got Firefox to put the files where I want them, but can’t seem to find how to do that in Internet Explorer.


Thanks for the assistance.


Tom Behler




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