Re: Queries with JAWS 2018 OK,thank you。

Ashleigh Piccinino

Always glad to help thank you for asking

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Thanks a lot.

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I&#xA1;&#xAF;m not sure about your volume problem. JAWS uses the
computer&#xA1;&#xAF;s system volume but doesn&#xA1;&#xAF;t, to my knowledge
have a volume control itself. Again, use the PC&#xA1;&#xAF;s system volume
control to control the screen reading volume.

I&#xA1;&#xAF;m not sure about your misspelled word feature. You can use F7
in a Word document and/or Outlook e-mail to find and correct misspelled
words. You might want to get more help with this from the group.

JAWS should already be enabled to read other languages when
they&#xA1;&#xAF;re &#xA1;°found&#xA1;± on webpages and/or other things. That
is, the screen reader, when it finds a language other than English, should
automatically switch to the new language and read it. I think this works
with the type of synthesizer that&#xA1;&#xAF;s installed&#xA1;&#xAA;you can
have Eliquence (main synth for JAWS) use the Spanish voices or any others.
However, I&#xA1;&#xAF;m not sure how to enable automatic language
detection, though/seek help from the group or VFO (formerly Freedom


Ashleigh S. Piccinino

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From: turab chimthanawala
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Subject: Queries with JAWS 2018

Hi all,
I recently installed JAWS 2018 and have the following queries..
1. Is there some internal volume in JAWS as my Jaws outputs a very low
volume even when the speaker of the laptop is at 80%
. The speaker has no issue as songs are being played at a much lower
2. The Indian screen reader viz. Non visual display access indicates
when a word is wrongly spelt. How can I enable a similar feature in
3. How can I make Jaws read other languages?
Eagerly await suggestions.
Thanking you

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