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paul lemm

Hi Dave,

Yep, I agree , the program is never closed therefore when I said it opens the program as you pointed out this is incorrect. As to your point about focus and the program being miniaturised whilst not in use and then maximised when you alt tab to it and focus then being changed to that newly maximised window, I agree with you completely, , I think that’s what I was trying to say, but I didn't explain myself well. Anyways thanks for the reply and hope you're having a good weekend.


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Hello Paul:

When you have several programs open and Windows has given focus to one of
those programs, the other programs which are open, are not minimized. All
the programs you have open and running, are using the same amount of memory,
regardless as to whether one of them has focus or not. What gets minimized,
are the open display windows for the programs which do not have focus. They
appear as miniaturized versions of the maximized program windows. So, by
definition, the fact that these programs are open and running in the
background and their windows are open and minimized, means they are not
closed. When you hold down the ALT key and tap the TAB key, to cycle through
the list of open programs, each miniaturized window is highlighted, and for
a person who is using a screen reader, what gets spoken by a screen reader,
are the text labels for the miniaturized windows of the programs running in
the background. It is the release of the ALT key on one of the other open
programs with its miniaturized window, which instructs Windows to maximize
that programs window and give focus to that program.


Dave Durber

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I still disagree, since the program is minimised you need to open that
window, you could argue open is not the right word and that maximise or
restore that window would be more appropriate. But to shift focus implies
moving the view to something which can be seen elsewhere, although you are
right the program is stored in memory its visual representation is removed
when you open a new program, so no matter how much you move the view or
shift focus you cannot then see this program without first restoring that
program window, it is then only at this point you are able to shift focus to
that window. . However all this being said, honestly I think we could all
spend ages arguing/debating the technical definition of what focus means
and whether it does or does not apply to this situation or not, but this has
moved far out of the realms of anything to do with jaws and I don't wish to
block up the mailing list with non jaws related content. so in the interest
of putting the whole focus topic to bed I will take on board everyone's
points and views and just hope that the original poster has managed to solve
his problem.


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I support Dave on this one. If you're rotating through a list of things
that are open, how could they be opened any further or better by
focusing on them? Answer: they cannot. Once you load data into memory
and give the supervisor (a.k.a. the operating system) a memory address
to pick up the next instruction, also known as running or opening a
program, that's as open as it gets. Rotating through the open programs,
then releasing the TAB key on one of them, does only one thing that's
special--it allows the user--that's you--to interact with said program
via its interface--namely, any input or output channels said program may
have commandeered for that purpose, such as a keyboard, mouse,
microphone, video display, audio interface, printer, or any other driver
software that acts as the go-between between said program and some
unknown piece of hardware. The only thing that gets opened when
releasing the TAB key whilst cycling through a list of running programs
is that program's user window.

On 7/7/2018 5:00 PM, paul lemm wrote:
Hi Dave,

I kind of see your point, but I disagree , I said it cycles through a list
of your open programs, then releasing it opens that program. You said it
shifts focus , I don't mean to be pedantic myself, but that’s not what it
does, for it to be shifting focus all program windows would need to be
open, but from a technical standpoint that’s not the case, since only the
active program window is actually open all other programs are minimised
whilst not in use and to go to one of the minimised programs you need to
open that window . since a lot of people however don't realise that non
active program windows are actually minimised whilst not in use I think if
I'd used that terminology it could have made my answer more confusing,
although I do guess in hindsight I could have said opens that program
window rather than program to be more accurate.

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Hello Paul:

I do not wish to be pedantic but, ALT+TAB, does not open any program.

If you have several programs open, ALT+TAB, cycles you through the
you have open. When you release both keys, Windows gives focus to that


Dave Durber

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Pressing alt and tab cycles you through open programs on your pc releasing
alt tabl then opens that program. Normally. There is an alternative method
for task switching which is ctrl, alt and tab, this sounds more like
you are experiencing since releasing the keys will not open the program
but leave you in the task switching window and the tab or cursor keys
just move between the list of running programs. To exit this mode pressing
enter on a program will open that program or pressing escape exits the
switching mode. Not sure if you've already tried this but if you haven't
hopefully it solves your problem.


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Actually there programs open. All I can do is listen to it say "task
switching" and the name of the open programs as I alt tab. I can do
but switch between programs without any further control. Do do a restart I
have to ask Cortana because none of my controls work.


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Alt-Tab is the keystroke to switch between open programs.
JAWS says task switching. Apparently it is saying that even when there are
no programs open.
But, Al-Tab has no other function. So, if you are pressing alt-tab, then
that is what is causing that.

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On Jul 4, 2018, at 6:18 PM, Onwardbob <onwardbob@...> wrote:

Yes, but don't know what gets it started.


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On Jul 4, 2018, at 4:59 PM, Onwardbob <onwardbob@...> wrote:

Hi; what is this "task switching" thing I keep unexpectedly getting
up in? How does it happen, and how do I get out of it? Currently all I
manage is order Cortana to do a restart. Thanks...


Are you hitting Alt -Tab?
What are you doing when it happens?

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