Re: How do I activate a notification?

Ashleigh Piccinino

If I remember right, you press tab to get to single click

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I’ve looked at the system tray with both JAWS+B and INSERT+F11.  Both of these indicate Office updates are available.  Problem is I don’t know how to activate the update.  When I tried JAWS+B hitting space or enter on it did nothing, and the applications key didn’t do anything either.  When I hit INSERT+F11, I see the office update option there.  When I left double click on it, I get a ding sound and a notification that there are updates for office, and I need to click on it to start it.  I hit WINDOWS+A and I either see collapse something, or set the PC into tablet mode.  How do I activate the update?  It’s not in the list of WINDOWS+A options.


Thanks for any help.


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