Re: Queries with JAWS 2018

Ashleigh Piccinino

  1. Hello,
  2. I’m not sure about your volume problem. JAWS uses the computer’s system volume but doesn’t, to my knowledge have a volume control itself. Again, use the PC’s system volume control to control the screen reading volume.
  3. I’m not sure about your misspelled word feature. You can use F7 in a Word document and/or Outlook e-mail to find and correct misspelled words. You might want to get more help with this from the group.
  4. JAWS should already be enabled to read other languages when they’re “found” on webpages and/or other things. That is, the screen reader, when it finds a language other than English, should automatically switch to the new language and read it. I think this works with the type of synthesizer that’s installed—you can have Eliquence (main synth for JAWS) use the Spanish voices or any others. However, I’m not sure how to enable automatic language detection, though/seek help from the group or VFO (formerly Freedom Scientific).


Ashleigh S. Piccinino


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From: turab chimthanawala
Sent: Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:51 PM
To: jfw
Subject: Queries with JAWS 2018


Hi all,
I recently installed JAWS 2018 and have the following queries..
1. Is there some internal volume in JAWS as my Jaws outputs a very low
volume even when the speaker of the laptop is at 80%
. The speaker has no issue as songs are being played at a much lower volume.
2. The Indian screen reader viz. Non visual display access indicates
when a word is wrongly spelt. How can I enable a similar feature in
3. How can I make Jaws read other languages?
Eagerly await suggestions.
Thanking you



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