Re: Trouble with "task switching"


On Sat, Jul 7, 2018 at 02:00 pm, paul lemm wrote:
I said it cycles through a list of your open programs, then releasing it opens that program. You said it shifts focus , I don't mean to be pedantic myself, but that’s not what it does
And the term "shift focus" is the correct term.  A program has to be open already and ALT+TAB cycles through your open programs and releasing the ALT shifts focus to the window that is selected during the cycling.

If anyone wishes me to try to assist in terms of determining exactly what's happening, because there are several possibilities, please hit WinKey+PrtSc before you restart to get yourself unstuck.  That should have placed a screen shot of your desktop in whatever state it is in into your Pictures library in a folder named Screenshots in PNG format.  If you happen to have others from earlier times, the sequence is to add parenthesis, number, close parentheis to the basic name Screenshot.png, e.g., Screenshot(9).png.

E-mail me the image and I can probably tell you how you got into the state you're in.

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