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Ashleigh Piccinino

You might want to contact via phone or the Microsoft disability helpdesk they might be able to helpk

On Jun 27, 2018, at 10:28 AM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:


            My issue is not that the headings list, per se, is acting erratically - as they do all show - but what happens after you choose one to move to is.   Since all of the level 2 headings in an Amazon search correspond to the click-through text links for a specific product returned from the search, I expect that if I move to one of those headings, then hit either Enter (if I wish to overlay my search results in the current tab, then use backspace to return to them) or CTRL+Enter (to open in a separate tab) that the link will consistently open based on which command I issued.   It does not.  Sometimes the link opens, sometimes I get nothing.

            This makes no sense to me as I can see said headings/links and if I use "the sighted way" and point and click each and every one of them will open, but they're not doing that under JAWS.

             I can't decide if I'm doing something wrong or the web page is somehow coded peculiarly or if there's a bug of some sort in JAWS 2018.


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