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Hi, Elise. I don’t use this program, but here’s what the manual says on Google.


miktex-pdftex — DVI/PDF output from TeX




miktex-pdftex [option...] [[file] |  [\command...]]




Run the pdfTeX typesetter on file, usually creating file.pdf.  If the file argument has no extension, .tex will be appended to it. Instead of a file name,

a set of pdfTeX commands can be given, the first of which must start with a backslash.


pdfTeX is a version of TeX that can create PDF files as well as DVI files.


In DVI mode, pdfTeX can be used as a complete replacement for the TeX engine.


The typical use of pdfTeX is with a pregenerated formats for which PDF output has been enabled.  The miktex-pdftex command uses the equivalent of the plain

TeX format, and the miktex-pdflatexcommand uses the equivalent of the LaTeX format.  To generate formats, use the -initialize switch.


In PDF mode, pdfTeX can natively handle the PDF, JPG, JBIG2 and PNG graphics formats. pdfTeX cannot include PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)

graphics files; first convert them to PDF using epstopdf(1).





Pretend to be program name, i.e., set program (and memory dump) name to name.

This may affect the search paths and other values used.  Using this option is equivalent to copying the program file to name and invoking name.




Set dir as the directory to which

auxiliary files are written.  Also look for input files in dir first, before along the normal search path.



Bill White



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Subject: MiKTex (LaTex) Program


Hello, everyone.

I am teaching myself to use MikTex (LaTex) program. I have just created my first sample document. I saved it and compiled it by pressing control + T. But, when I do this, I cannot read the document. I do not know how to get it from a ".tex" file to a ".dvi" file so I can read it in a pdf viewer. Does anyone know what step I am missing after compiling? Thanks.

Elise Berkley

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