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Hi Morné,


Jaws 2018 has the ability to read PDF files as well.  Highlight the PDF file, but don't open it, open the context menu by pressing the applications / context menu key or shift + F10, arrow down to, Recognize with Jaws or something similar, and press enter.


Take Care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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Subject: Jfw and PDF files

Hello listers,


I’m a new user of JAWS, so please forgive if this question has already been asked.


I’m using the latest version of JAWS and Windows 10.


I tried to read PDF documents with Microsoft Edge and JAWS with no success.  Then I tried to set the default program (Acrobat Reader) via the control pannel also with no success.  The only defaults I get to change is for music, email and videos but no option to change the default PDF to Acrobat Reader DC.  There’s another screen reader wich works with Edge, but I do prefer to use JAWS. 


Any advice would be apreciated.


Kind regards


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