Re: very slow browsing, how do I fix it

paul lemm

Hi Jed,

Usually one of the main reasons for a browser running slowly is its add ons or extensions . I don't use firefox so I can't tell you how to find it, but somewhere in settings you'll have a way of viewing all add-ons or extensions and normally it will tell you how long each add on is taking to load when you view web pages , if you see anything there that is taking a long time that you don't need it might be worth removing it. As a slightly more drastic approach somewhere in settings there will be a way to reset firefox to default , this will almost surely fix the speed issues, but you will lose all your favorites and bookmarks plus history things like web saved passwords, user names cookies and add on, extensions etc., so only do this at a last resort and if you don't mind losing all this stuff


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Hey guys,

OK, i think i'm running firefox 56. I am having a horrific experience
loading web pages. Honest to god it feels like i'm on dialup. I just
loaded firefox and i went to gmail, I counted 24 seconds before the
page even opened.
According to speedtest on my phone i'm getting 83 megs download, but
that could also be just from me to the router. Any ideas what it
might be?

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