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David & his pack of dogs

My step daughter was in town for about 5 days, leaving today.  To give her something to do, I asked her if she would help me on my Facebook account loading pics and assigning text to each.  She used I E and got frustrated.  Then she tried Google Chrome to work on my YouTube channel.  She found it much easier to work with.  It should be noted she is sighted and we worked on both projects for about 12 hours, staying up till about 5:30 AM this morning.  I am curious the pics at the Facebook page The Diamond Touch Dog Rehabilitation Center, does V O, Jaws or the screen reader software that an Android device comes with, give a description of the Pics? The reason it took so long was, there was about 270 pics including videos and she found things that were supposed to be fixed up by someone else, were not.  For example, my bio had me working at a guide dog school.  Alright, those who have gone to guide dog schools, yes, it is work however, we are not employed by the school. Anyway, if anyone has the time, give me feedback as one of the things I was supposed to work on was making my pages more accessible. The gratitude towards her cannot be under estimated as she did it for free whereas others got paid for it.    


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