Jaws, Magic, Office 2013 combo causing crashes

Amy Bower

Hi All - just returning to this list after a long break, so my apologies if this topic has been covered. My basic set up is Windows 7 with Office 2013. When I upgraded to Jaws 18, and then Jaws2018, along with Magic 14, I got repeated crashes of Jaws and/or Magic that required reboot to recover. Happened on two platforms. Seemed to occur mostly when using Office applications (Outllook, Word, maybe PowerPoint). Would get several crashes per day, so had to roll back to Jaws 17 and Magic 13.1. I want to use new features available in Jaws 2018, but can't live with the constant instability. Registered a complaint with VFO that was thrown up to the developers, but no fix or response (that was months ago). Wondering if anyone else encountered this and/or found a fix? Will upgrading to Windows 10 and/or Office 2016 solve the problem?
-Amy B.

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