Re: retrying downloads in Firefox


did you try pressing the application key or shift+f10 to see if there's
a resume command to enter on? if you have more than one failed download,
you'd have to arrow to each download and press the appropriate keystroke.

the other way is to use the screen reader's review mode to see if you
can "click" on retry or resume.

while the downloads are shown, if you use JAWS, you can also try using
the virtualized window or the convenient OCR to see if you can "click"
on the retry or resume.

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Subject: retrying downloads in Firefox

Hi and thank you,
Tab nor using the left and right arrows neither one work for me. I am
using the latest version of JAWS 64-bit, and Firefox 52.9.0 (64-bit)
(perhaps I need to upgrade). Oh, and using Windows 10.

Interesting how some things work for one but not for another.

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I have using Firefox. I just used the tab key and it got me to the
retry button. Usually works out fine for me

On 7/4/2018 8:42 AM, Sharon wrote:
Have you tried right and left arrow?
Who knows if that would work?

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Subject: retrying downloads in Firefox


Sometimes when downloading files in Firefox, I receive a "Failed"
notification in my downloads list. JAWS reads the name of the file, the
word "Failed", the time of the download, and the word Retry. I have
tried several ways to get to this retry button (applications key,
Shift-F10, tab, even Control+R), but cannot figure out how to access
this button/link/option. The JAWS cursor nor OCR even seem to read the
downloads list, seemingly because the font is too small.

I know I can go back to a place and simply restart the download
manually, but it would be convenient to know how to get to this option
from within the downloads list.

Anyone ever succeeded with this in JAWS?

Hope I am not missing something obvious!

Thank you as always!



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