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Here's what I heard back from the people at the Treepad company right after
I posted my question to the list.

Thank you for contacting TreePad support.

The difference regarding the tree pane between TreePad Lite and TreePad
Business Edition is that TreePad Lite uses the standard Windows tree control
(a dll inside the Windows directory), while TreePad Business Edition uses a
custom tree control (compiled into the program).

The standard windows tree control is a deliberately crippled and slowed down
thing - we cannot use it for more powerful programs such as TreePad Business
Edition and TreePad X Enterprise. It will become very slow when the number
of nodes increases above a certain point. The cause for this problem is that
Microsoft does not want competing software companies to have a good tree
control in their products, so they have crippled it.

This results in other companies, such as ourselves, needing to create their
own tree controls if more than a certain number of nodes are rquired. The
downside of this, is that reader programs such as JAWS, which expect the
standard windows tree control, are not prepared to read these custom tree
Perhaps the screen reader JAWS can be configured to read our custom tree
control - you might want to contact them regarding this issue. It is not an
issue of the JAWS reader, nor is it a TreePad issue. But perhaps JAWS can be
configured so that you can utilize our tree control (used in TPBiz as well
as the TPBiz manual).


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First I would try the window class reassign, JAWS+F2, then "Window
class reassign" and go from there.

Is the business edition of the same version (1 or 2008 or whatever) as
the lite version? If not I could also see them having moved to less
accessible presentation technology. Unfortunately a great many of the
things MS has been pushing lately suffer greatly as far as
accessibility goes, despite the potential being present to do much

On 12/29/11, Dondi <zidnod63@...> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to figure out if something is a feature of JAWS or a program.
have a new program I'm trying out called Treepad business edition which is
more advance version then I was using before which is called Treepad lite.
In the lite version I have a tree view of objects just like you would see
Windows explorer tree view. I will hear JAWS saying object closed or open
depending on whether I right arrow or left arrow opening or closing the
object just like in explorer and the folder tree view. JAWS will also
announce what level I am on in the tree view. This is the lite version of
Treepad in the business version it doesn't say anything. Does anybody have
any ideas how two programs made by the same company would sound different
when I run them with JAWS 12. By the way I'm running Windows 7 32 bit.


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