Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Tom. I’ve tried sending you an email about three times, and you’re not receiving them. You need plainoldfavorites-1.4-fx-windows.xpi.


If you have this file, or can receive a link for it, I’ll try putting it up on SendSpace.


If you have the file, put it in your downloads folder. Open Firefox, press CONTROL plus O, SHIFT-TAB a couple of times until your downloads file list comes up. Find plainoldfavorites-1.4-fx-windows.xpi. Press ENTER. When Firefox asks if you want to install this AddOn, either press ALT plus A for Allow, or press ALT plus I, depending upon whether you are asked if you want to allow the installation, or if you are asked to press ALT plus I to install it.


Thank you.


Bill White



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