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I work in the interpreting and translation field and depending on what I'm
doing, the alt plus X, Y or Z or control plus apostrophe then the vowl works
well enough for me. If I'm typing longer blocks of text in Spanish, then of
course, I'll switch over to the Spanish language keyboard, but for the odd
accent or ñ and to not get mixed up with what keyboard I was last on and
maybe end up having Jaws read all weird down the road, it's no great
inconvenience to numlock on and punch out the alt plus . . .
So yes, I say, listen to the suggestions provided to you and figure out what
works best in what situation for yourself.

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Hello Emil,
I might sound a bit too harsh to everyone (sorry about that), but if
you really want to learn a language (Spanish in your case), please don't
listen to those suggestions like pressing Alt + numpad keys,
using Word keystrokes, and so on, and so forth. They are
completely useless unless you plan to make a couple assignments and give
up with it. I speak quite a number of languages (seven, to be precise),
and I suggest you to do just one thing: add the Spanish keyboard
layout, learn it and switch to it whenever you need to type in Spanish.
then you'll also need a Spanish TTS (voice) to have correct speech
output. If you use Eloquence or Vocalizer Expressive, basically JAWS
should switch languages automagically, though it doesn't do it very well
because it's extremely complicated to detect what language it is, unless
specified: both English and Spanish have Latin alphabet, and there are
plenty of Spanish words with no diacritics in them, so you can't say to
your PC just "Interpret these characters as English, and those characters
as Spanish". Inspite of what I said, voice switching seems to work
reasonably well in Office apps and in web browsers.
Good luck in your learning!

With best regards from Ukraine,
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Subject: Question about learning foreign languages with JAWS

Hi everyone,

My name is Emil Smith and I am taking a Spanish class for college this
upcoming semester. I’m curious if anyone has any info on how this work, the
area I’m curious about is how to deal with entering Spanish characters for
homework assignments. If anyone has previous experience with this or has any
tips, that would appreciated, thanks!

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