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On Mon, Jul 2, 2018 at 12:13 pm, Andre Polykanine wrote:
I might sound a bit too harsh to everyone (sorry about that), but if you really want to learn a language (Spanish in your case), please
don't listen to those suggestions like pressing Alt + numpad keys, using Word keystrokes, and so on, and so forth. They are
completely useless unless you plan to make a couple assignments and give up with it. I speak quite a number of languages (seven,
to be precise), and I suggest you to do just one thing: add the Spanish keyboard layout, learn it and switch to it whenever you need
to type in Spanish.
I would presume that the original poster is someone who's about to take beginning Spanish, where relatively little writing is involved.

It requires quite the feat of memory to get down an alternate language keyboard layout in your head when you're just starting out, so it really depends on what the needs are.

If one intends to write, really write, any significant volume of material in a language that uses diacritics I'd say that you're 100% correct.  If someone has a few assignments that require them to write a few sentences, most of the words in which will not require diacritics, then using the CTRL+ technique to get them where needed makes far, far more sense than trying to master a second language keyboard layout at the outset; that would come later when writing at length in a language is required.  Of course should one choose to try to master a foreign keyboard because one simply wants to that's another story.

For those interested, the following works at least up through Outlook 2010, and I'd have to believe beyond: 

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