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On Mon, Jul 2, 2018 at 06:12 am, kevin meyers wrote:
Maybe everyone should send emails to to explain the various issues. The more people will do it the more Freedom
Scientific will do something about it. If you do, don't sound mad or in anon-professional manner. BE as pleasant as possible.
That is indeed correct.   I've been on "the other side" as a software developer (and doing technical support) and it is impossible to fix what is not reported and/or what you cannot replicate.

It doesn't even require that the reporter be pleasant, as they can be plenty peeved, but be businesslike and, above all, accurate and descriptive of what one needs to do to replicate the problem.  That's even if it's an intermittent problem where 9 times out of 10 it will not occur and if that's the case that should be mentioned, too.

It is not unusual for something that's been working perfectly for a very long period of time to break for a given user if either they start doing something they hadn't been that triggers a code segment that has always had a bug, but that they've never been using before, or if some code change somehow didn't get tested for one path of flow that the end user is now pushing it through.   Both of the latter are far easier to isolate and fix, which I'd hope would be everyone's goal, if you can give at least some description of what you have been doing when said event occurs.

Even if you can't, making a report saying you're having a sudden set of symptoms that you've not had, or not had at all frequently, before allows a case to be made for further examination, and faster examination, if there are a number of complaints about said symptoms coming in all at once or in very rapid succession.

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