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kevin meyers

Thanks for the suggestion. My laptop is about 4 months old. I would have gotten a different brand and  because it was through the Department of Vocational Rehab I had to go with their choice. Which is a ACER boat anchor.


Kevin Meyers


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Subject: Re: alt and control key seem to be stuck


If you're on a laptop, and particularly if you have a "heavy touch" with your typing, it could be the keyboard beginning to fail.   I have a laptop right now where neither the 'i' nor 'p' keys will work and before they died were sometimes being thought to have been pressed when neighboring keys were.   One easy way to determine whether this might be what's going on is to get yourself an external keyboard that connects by USB (and which are available for less than $5, by the dozens, at a great many thrift stores) to see if the behavior persists.

Generally, software should not be the issue with regard to "sticky key" behavior (and, yes, I'm ignoring the sticky keys feature of the OS).


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