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You can configure a Spanish language keyboard in the regional settings of your PC and enable the alt plus shift command to rotate among keyboards.

Unless I plan to write in Spanish for a good chunk though, I’ll just use the word processing short cut for Office of pressing the control plus ‘ (apostrophy) then the corresponding vowel. This will give me the accented A, E, I, O, or U. For the ñ, it’s control plus shift plus ` (grauv) key then n.  

You can also use the numbpad sequences. With the numlock set to on, Alt plus 1-6-4 gives you the ñ. Alt plus 1-3-0 gives you é. Alt plus 1-6-0 is á and so on.

Don’t forget too, that in Spanish, you also have the inverted question mark and exclamation mark.


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Hi everyone,


My name is Emil Smith and I am taking a Spanish class for college this upcoming semester. I’m curious if anyone has any info on how this work, the area I’m curious about is how to deal with entering Spanish characters for homework assignments. If anyone has previous experience with this or has any tips, that would appreciated, thanks!

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