moderated Re: audio ducking and Jaws and cortanna

Ashleigh Piccinino

I’m not sure I understand your question. You can turn off or on the audio ducking feature in your JAWS startup wizard. To get there, move to the JAWS window—insert j on a desktop keyboard, caplock j on a laptop, I guess. Press alt h to get to your help and up arrow until you hear “startup wizard.” Press enter on this. On the first page, right after “keyboard echo,” is the audio ducking setting. However, it says “Lower the volume of other programs while JAWS is speaking.” Note that other is in itallics in this message to emphasize. To my knowledge, and when I could use Cortana correctly with mike, JAWS did lower a lot so you heard the Cortana itself. I’m not sure you can duck JAWS itself, though—that’s for other programs/used for videos and stuff but isn’t working right now. Of course, I’m talking about the audio ducking feature. Need any more help? Feel free to contact back/contact the group.

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Ashleigh Piccinino


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Subject: audio ducking and Jaws and cortanna

Good morning:


Is there a way to turn off audio ducking so when using cortanna jaws ducks so low you cant here any thing from Jaws?


Any help would be appreciated.



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