moderated Re: jaws not reading names of devices in device manager

Dave Durber

Hello Mike:
Using a home built computer, running Windows 7 Professional and using JFW 2018.
I looked in Device Manager in my version of Windows, and under Human Devices, there are three devices listed, without any description as to what the devices are and what they do and what they are for.
This was also the case in Device Manager for Windows XP. I do not know about Windows Vista or Windows 8, but, I have know doubt the same would be true for those operating systems as well.
Dave Durber

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Sent: Friday, June 29, 2018 9:06 PM
Subject: jaws not reading names of devices in device manager

Hey guys:

Using win10 with dell, and jaws 2018,

I am trying to turn on  my touch screen to use finger to swipe around screen like iphone;

I googled directions to do this,

And it said to open device manager,

Arrow down to “human interface devices” or something like that,

Then I am to expand that tab,

Then under that tab I am to right click on “hid compliant touch screen”

However, jaws doesn’t say the names of the devices,

It just says things like “hid compliant consumer device”

“hid compliant vendor defined device;


Shouldn’t jaws be saying what the devices are?


Please advise as necessary;


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