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press alt for the ribbon bar, then f for file and t for options.
down arrow to the save category.
press tab until you get to the Don’t show backstage view when saving or
opening files option and spacebar to check it.
press tab or shift+tab to the ok button and spacebar on it.

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If you go into the file menu, Options, you can turn off the Backstage
view, then you can go back to using control-s to save a document.
It is some visual thing that is useless to screen reader users.

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If you use f12 for save-as, the backstage view doesn't come up.
At 02:09 AM 6/29/2018, you wrote:
I'm brand new to Office 2016. Can someone explain or point me to
something that explains the backstage view? I could not figure out how
to even save a Word document with that thing enabled. I found a place
in the Word options to hide the backstage view when saving files, but I
do not know if I am giving up some benefit by having it off. Even if it
is hidden during a Save, it seems to still come up when I try to do Save As.

I'm also confused by how the Recent files section seems to have changed
from Office 2010. I heavily relied on Pinned items in my Recent Files
list to access common files. Any guidance?

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