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Jim Fettgather

I have noticed a strange occurrence on, which is my favorite job site.
On some machines, when you click on a job search link, the link will open in a new window, revealing all of the job info, and of course, always a way to apply for the job.
On other machines, when you click a job link, you hear absolute silence, nothing.
However, if you scroll down the page, all of the information is there, it is just way further down the page.
I am uncertain why the combination of different browsers yields different results, but I now know that it is at least possible to scroll the page on and find the exact information and all of the details.

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I backed out of and started over completely. This time it worked
with shift F10. Thanks!

Kevin Meyers

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try using insert+f7 to get a list of the links on the page. arrow to the one
you want and press enter to activate the link.

you could also try moving to the first character of the link, press the
application key or shift+f10, and if the first choice is open, press enter
to activate it.

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Prior to upgrading to Windows10 and Jaws2018 I had no problem using and Now I can get a list of specific jobs. Yet when
I press the enter key or space bar on the link for a particular job nothing
happens. The list of jobs still exist and I cannot activate any of the links
to a job description. What could be causing this problem? Other sites don't
have this problem.


Kevin Meyers

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